Emaji Naratgee Marakka




Emaji Naratgee Marakka


Stuart Moulthrop


"Emaji narratgee marakka" is the latest in a shambling line of disrupted fictions -- stories the reader can unfold, with some effort, against a counterflow of interfering mediation. Sometimes these works involve games or puzzles: here an awful kind of simulation, though there is also an element of ritual or compulsion, if not the more joyful sort of play.

This project began in the winter of deepening discontent, 2016-17, when trolls still had to fit their angry telegrams into 140 characters -- weren't those the days. My original motivation was a rant against abuses permitted and promoted by Twitter, Inc. That company and its works still have much to answer for, but as friends and interlocutors have pointed out, the problem goes wider and deeper. I am indebted to Anastasia Salter and Bridget Blodgett, whose Alt-Right: Ctrl+A; Del gave a first glimpse of the carnage.

Like their work, this fiction of disruption also involves a kind of sentimental simulation, or abreaction. Unlike their effort, "Emaji narratgee marakka" also involves an entirely made-up story, a modern sort of fable. Like any fable -- or perhaps parable -- it involves both saying and not-saying, speaking and silencing, or erasure. What is not said will be apparent and probably transparent in its pathos. I could charge this to the times, though it's probably more just to blame the writer.

With luck this piece might mean something more than a phrase in a made-up language. Like Mrs. K., I sometimes feel I have had all the luck in the world; but as she has taught me, there is a limit to what the world will hold.
How it works

Follow the link below to begin. The left side of your screen will fill with a stack of id-spewings from an Unreal Troll. Clicking one of the therapeutic links to the right of this mess will wipe off the most recent handful. Persisting in this apparently futile effort will temporarily vanquish the Troll and take you into story mode.

Mrs. K's story has been capriciously redacted by some sinister agency. Click on any of the blacked-out bits to undo this repression. Un-doing the last redaction on the page reveals a continuation link, which will once again expose you to the the Troll. Fight on through all seven phases of the struggle until you reach the end.

Though I generally abandon my stories to disruption, "Emaji naratgee marakka" needed different treatment, so on the final page you will find a link to the fable all in one piece, with only a few remaining elisions. The last page also offers a link to a Troll's Diary, where you can trace the descent on a daily basis. Summon your resistance.

The project was developed in HTML/Javascript and should run without problem in major Web browsers (Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, Edge, Safari), Thanks to Renderosity artists TruForm for their awesomely ominous cheeseburger (licensed for non-commercial use), Amy_aimei for the freebie phone, and Brahann for "Trumpy." The image of 1974 liftoff is from the genius lens of Jean Pierre Lafont.


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