Nikola Tesla: War of the Currents



Nikola Tesla: War of the Currents


Dora Klindžić


At the dawn of the electrical age, can you outsmart Thomas Edison and electrify the world? Rewrite history with worldwide wireless power, alien contact, death rays, and sapient machines!

Nikola Tesla: War of the Currents is a 225,000-word interactive science-fiction novel by Dora Klindžić. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

The man who invented the twentieth century was a queer immigrant from Serbia. Nikola Tesla dreamed of distributing free energy to all of humanity but passed away in a New York hotel room alone and forgotten. What if it had gone differently?

In the year 1886, you join the eccentric Tesla as his laboratory apprentice. Notoriously bad at monetizing his inventions, but nonetheless ingenious at building them, Tesla needs your help with making a living wage as much as he needs your help in the lab.

Fend off Edison's spies, Wall Street bankers, electrical industry magnates, and other unsavory types as you navigate real historical adventures involving electrocuted elephants, the Niagara Falls electric plant, pigeons, and that time Mark Twain had the misfortune of soiling his trousers in Tesla’s lab.

Develop your own science skills, supercharge your social life, or opt to be more business-minded. Manage your mentor's fragile mental state while balancing your laboratory's checkbook. Love your work, your pigeon, or your risqué romance with Edison's daughter. Will you maintain enough funding and influence to prevent the destruction of Wardenclyffe Tower and perform the most esoteric of experiments? Bring free power to all, contact the aliens, or accidentally flatten a city. The history of the last great independent inventor, as well as the future of society, is in your hands.


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