The secret world of Kasanograd



The secret world of Kasanograd


Living a Book Inc.
Armando Guajardo Gonzalez


Interactive Book with Decisions and multiple endings. Pathbook about power, mystery, passion, and love. Make decisions and change the ending in this pathbook.

This is an interactive book with multiple endings. "Living a Book" is a new approach of interactive books where the reader’s decisions change and trigger new situations and a different ending.

Adventure Drama Interactive Pathbook.

"THE SECRET WORLD OF KASANOGRAD" is an adventure Pathbook, romance, and mystery. Keyla is our protagonist and must lead with all the intrigues of her family to reach power. In addition to everything, you must decide if your path will be love or if you should marry someone strategically to maintain power in Kasanograd. A book that will keep you reading until you finish.

Story Gamebook App with images, music, decisions and multiple endings, a great story book online for people who likes to play interactive games where you can choose and adventure of your own.

"THE SECRET WORLD OF KASANOGRAD" is available today, you get to choose the course of the story, become the main character, choose your path wisely and discover our multiple endings.

This Interactive Adventure gamebook app is available for iPhone and iPad devices, Download for Free and decide later if you want the full version, This Interactive Book App is published by Living a Book.

LIVING A BOOK, books with decisions and multiple endings, create a unique immersive experience by combining technology and a good read. Our Pathbook apps create the best reading experience ever.

Pathbooks are Interactive Book Apps with images, music, decisions and multiple endings in a diverse book library for all ages.

Become one of our characters, Choose Wisely!
Not is a gamebook or chat story, not is a game, not is only a book, is a PATHBOOK.

We’re creating NEW possibilities in the art and craft of storytelling where authors are limited only by their imagination. Get fully immersed in our apps, they’re not just books, a text adventure, games to play over text, interactive games or flash fiction, we call them PATHBOOKS, we are keeping the essence of good reading and we use technology to create a great experience.

Read a Pathbook and enjoy reading like never before.



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