Breakfast with a Dragon Story



Breakfast with a Dragon Story


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SUPER FUN DRAGON, an interactive book with multiple endings. Little Mabel dreams of fantasy creatures like dragons, fairies, and unicorns. Decide your ENDING.

SUPER FUN DRAGON, an interactive book for kids with multiple endings. "Living a Book" is a new approach of interactive books where the reader’s decisions change the ending. Fantastic story for children.

Little Mabel dreams of fantasy creatures like dragons, faeries, and unicorns. Her parents always say that “dragons aren’t real”, but one morning during breakfast, Mabel meets a little dragon, and they live a day of adventures together. Mabel loves fairies, unicorns, and dragons.

An Interactive Book App with images, music, decisions and multiple endings. Children book. Fully illustrated book for kids.

"Breakfast with a Dragon" is available today, you get to choose the course of this storybook online, become the main character, choose your path wisely and discover our multiple endings. A story for kids.

Pathbooks short stories for kids. You will love this Mabel. This Interactive Book App is published by Living a Book. The best book for kids. Book for girls and boys.

Little Mabel was eleven years old, and always dreaming of fairies, elves, and dragons. She believed that one day she would meet one, but her parents always told her: “Sweetie, those things don’t exist in real life. But we can read a story about them if you want.” Her room was full of those fantastic creatures. Images on the walls and the roof, toys, two lamps with mermaids on them; even her school backpack had unicorns on it. One could say that Mabel collected fantasy creatures, but she had never seen one, and it was her biggest dream.

Mabel found a little Dragon in her kitchen.

What should Mabel do?

1.- Call Mom?
2.- Try to catch the dragon?
3.- Run away?

Read the book and decide what happens next. Choice Wisely.



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